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website development and collateral for my wedding

Naturally, as a designer and developer, I created our "official" website, as well as all of our print material and collateral for our wedding.

conceptualizer, designer, developer, creative director, husband

logo and brand identity design for a pottery and ceramics artist

Noel Bailey is an amazing artist and craftsman who needed a unique identity that enforced the recognition of his name, while instantly conveying his style and professionalism. It needed to convey an artistic spirit, yet needed to stand on its own as a brand, reinforcing his name as a reliable merchant for galleries as well as his own online presence.

strategy, art direction, design, production

logo and identity design for freelance business

My freelance identity needed to convey my technical experience in the web world with a flair for the creative.

logo and brand identity design for a building sub-contractor

In a market rife with conceptions of laziness and shadiness among sub-contractors, The Stone Company needed an identity that immediately conveyed professionalism and competence. Opting for an identity that was straightforward, clean and hard-edged helped cut straight to the point for this no-fluff client.

creative/art direction, design, production

logo and brand identity, collateral for water-purification company

For a company that focuses on providing the cleanest, purest drinking water from energy-efficient and environmentally friendly systems, GW needed a brand that was clean, pure and wholesome in itself.

creative/art direction, design, production